3 Ways to Find Time to Write in School


The ESSAYER‘s schedule is what most people would call “standard”. One post on Monday, then another post on Friday, repeat. Of course, I have a few hiccups here and there (ex. last Friday’s post was posted on Saturday), but somehow I always find the time and energy to crank an article out and onto the blog. But honestly, I’m shocked that I can manage. School gets more and more stressful as the year progresses, and that leaves less and less time for writing. It’s a real shame because writing in your free time not only helps improve your skill, but is a great pastime and works to relieve stress. So if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by stress, here are three methods I use to find time to write in my busy academic life.

NOTE: None of these reasons are what most of you would call “super obvious”, so even though you could just use extra class time to write, that won’t be mentioned on this list.

 1. Carry a notebook

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If you’ve read my Notebooks Aren’t Dead article, you’d know that carrying a small notebook or journal around all day opens up so many opportunities to write down whatever comes into your head. Sometimes I actually get carried away and start writing short stories or anecdotes about one of my past experiences. It may sound pointless to some of you, but if I’m extremely bored or really tired, I can always count on my notebook to occupy my downtime.

 2. Annotate while you’re reading a book

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No, I don’t mean defacing your book with a Sharpie when I say “annotate”. You should DEFINITELY not do that with a book from the student library! Using sticky notes or a blank sheet of lined paper are both great substitutes, and e-book readers usually have a “note” function. Annotating books can both add an entirely new meaning to the author’s work and enable the reader to read and write simultaneously. I call it subtle multitasking.

 3. Join a writing group or club

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If you’re aching for more writing outside of Language Arts class, finding other students with the same interest or joining the school newspaper or a similar club will surely open up more time to create and share essays, stories, or whatever you fancy. Teaming with others in an effort to write more also introduces help and feedback from others, which, if you keep an open mind, will most definitely enhance and add to your writing.

Nicholas Lucchetto, The ESSAYER

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