The Importance of Opinions

I think I’m lucky to say that most of my readers are kind and open-minded people. The ESSAYER is an outlet for me to share my opinions with millions of people around the world, so the number of them that regularly read my blog show me that there are plenty of internet users that can respect others’ opinions while still expressing theirs through the emails and messages they send me every week. A traditional article, whether it be in a physical or digital publication, is usually made up of truthful and factual statements that lack any of the writer’s own opinion. At one point in my life, I thought that fact was the only thing that mattered. Over time, however, the importance of the world’s opinions grew on me.


Taking everyone’s thoughts into account truly broadened my view of all subjects. Instead of just having statistics and numbers in mind during election season, for instance, the different point-of-views my classmates and neighbors have both introduced new information to me, and let me learn some interesting things about them. The chaotic landscape of junior high (as mentioned in this post) often leaves little time for in-depth talks about world happenings with other students, so the small moments when a few of them speak up for a cause they care about is what makes opinion articles shine for me. Besides, having plenty of space for thoughts on the Internet through social media and forums makes expressing your viewpoints even easier than in real life.

Of course, anonymity online may allow for some, let’s say, unfavorable things to be shared (look in any YouTube comment section to know what I mean), but it allows for someone afraid of sharing their opinion to do it without worries, even if I think that feeling of embarrassment is wrong. As long as nothing illegal or harmful is taking place, I’m in favor of speaking your mind anonymously.

Fortunately, traditional “triple-fact-checked” news manages to mostly stay the same while keeping opinion pieces separated. While I may consider them a modern, open-minded form of media, overwhelming breaking news with arguments directly from the reporter rarely ever works well.

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