15 Days Abroad - Odd and Amusing Tales from Italy [PART 2]

Welcome back to part 2 of my Italy trip series! If you want to read about some more crazy things that happened, like having to wait 3-4 hours in a broken down van waiting for a taxi, click on the link below! Otherwise, keep reading and enjoy!

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June 30

Before going on this two-week adventure, trains were very new to me. Since I live right outside of Seattle, and in the United States, these vehicles have never been a common part of my life. Our first “speed train” ride haxor sty comfortable seats, with somewhat ugly fabric. Kind of like what you would expect from some commercial airplanes. The layout had two seats facing two other seats, with a table and convienent yet cramped power outlets tucked in.

The included power was a nice addition, and the in-ride café cured my hunger shortly after we departed. However, I quickly learned that walking back to my seat with a few paninis and a cup of orange juice on an extremely bumpy train riders not the most desirable of situations.

About halfway through the struggle of getting back to my seat in once piece, and I’ve already tripped over seemingly nothing once and came very close to spilling my OJ all over someone’s baby. It is easy to say that I was very relieved to finally sit down, relax, and fill my stomach with my, now room temperature, sandwhich.

July 2

We are back on a train for the second time today (and if you’re wondering were that entry went, well, nothing really happened then). Pisa was fun, I took some really nice pictures while simultaneously avoiding the “holding up the tower with my hand” cliché, and we ate some far-from-authentic food (note to self: food that is close to a tourist attraction is never authentic). Hey, at least the restauraunt had a nice view.


After waiting for a couple hours to get inside the Leaning Tower, my parents, my sister, and I finally started our trek up the hundreds, or maybe even thousands of stairs. Not only was this tiring, but disorienting as well! The stairs up the tower shifted left and right throughout, all well the stairwell tipped more and more to the right as we climbed. But when we got to the top, I knew the journey was worth it. The view was simply breathtaking.


Also, my grandma was an easy giveaway with her hot-pink hat on (view from the top of the tower):


Now I’m on the way to my cozy small hotel room in Florence, in which seventy-percent of my time in is spent drinking soda and watching YouTube videos. A pretty casual evening for me.

One last thing: even though this is only my fifth train ride I’ve been on in my entire life, it’s definitely the smoothest. It’s like they coated the tracks with butter.

Also, the gelato here tastes amazing. Not that I need to tell anyone something so obvious!

NOTE: Sorry the post was so short! I’m actually a little cramped with time today, but I promise that the next post will be a lot longer, and I have an insane and hilarious story to deliver! If you want to make sure that you don’t miss the crazy stories I have up next, subscribe with your email below, and make sure that you leave a kudos and share this blog with friends and family!


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