I’m Back. Thank You So Much.

It’s been a little more than a month since I last posted. But I’m back.

If you have ever taken a peek into my blog, the ESSAYER, you probably know that ever since I launched this website I have been dedicated to sharing my thoughts and opinions with you, my loyal readers and thinkers, at least once a week. From the beginning, I promised myself that views, kudos, and shares would never get in the way of producing quality articles. The ESSAYER is only here to start a mental conversation between the reader and the writer. A conversation that involves no connection or actual interaction between the two, but instead between you and the writing. I believe that this improves focus and really gets the reader to think. That is what this blog is all about: thinking.

I’ve been thinking for a while about coming back. The day this is posted, July 8th, is my birthday. Today I am turning thirteen. As I mature more and get more invested into my hobbies, the little things in my life will eventually be lost and forgotten. After all, without any time to do something, how could you, well, do it?

I want to make sure that the ESSAYER never gets forgotten, by me or you equally.

Starting Monday, when I’m out of Italy and back at home, I’ll finally start the ESSAYER’s return. The return may not seem like much to you, but coming back takes a ton of stress off of my shoulders.

Thank you so much if you have stuck with me through this entire time. I really, really appreciate it. Trust me, you will want to stay tuned for what I have coming up next.

Thank you, so much.



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